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Creativity and innovation are at the heart of a powerful shift occurring in our lives as society moves from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy (Sawyer 2006; Florida, 2002). Many educators in fields ranging from business to the arts, from the humanities to the sciences, feel the challenge of teaching students to be creative innovators. There is growing recognition that to prepare our students for the demands of 21st century jobs, creative thinking, problem solving, communication, innovation, collaboration and critical thinking skills are equally important to academic and technical skills.

Thus at the university level, the challenge of teaching students to be creative and innovative relies on faculty expertise in delineating elements of creativity and innovation as measureable learning outcomes and establishing appropriate assessment measures as higher education moves toward standardized learning outcomes and assessments. This challenge is also an opportunity for faculty to enhance the teaching and learning and the scholarship of teaching creativity and innovation. Creativity and innovation are life long skills and practices that promote not only individuals but also our economy.

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