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College of Science and Mathematics Student Success Initiative Faculty Learning Community

The CSM Student Success Initiative Faculty Learning Community (CSM SSI FLC) is a collaborative effort between College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) to address the Complete College Georgia Goals. In particular, the CSM SSI FLC addresses the following goals: (a) implementing pedagogical changes known to increase student success in gateway courses, and (b) creating a culture of interdisciplinarity in all of our courses by fostering collaboration and instructional innovation among CSM faculty. Participating in the CSM SSI FLC is an opportunity for faculty to become involved in the design and implementation of instructional innovations that foster our students' learning of science, mathematics, and statistics. The emphasis for 2017 will be on the following courses; however, the emphasis may change for subsequent CSM FLCs.

  • BIOL 1107 (Biological Principles I)
  • BIOL 1108 (Biological Principles II)
  • CHEM 1211 (General Chemistry I)
  • CHEM 1212 (General Chemistry II)
  • MATH1107 (Introduction to Statistics)
  • MATH 1111 (College Algebra)
  • MATH 1113 (Precalculus)
  • MATH 1190 (Calculus)
  • PHYS 2211 (Principles of Physics I)
  • PHYS 2212 (Principles of Physics II)


FLC participants will apply in faculty pairs to form a collaborative team. Each team will work together to develop and implement innovative ways to foster student success in one of the aforementioned courses. One member of the pair team (hereafter referred to as the Instructor) must teach at least one section of any of the aforementioned courses (in any format) during the Spring 2017 semester and during the Fall 2017 semester. The second member of the pair team (hereafter referred to as the Collaborator) must commit to meeting regularly with the Instructor to plan for implementing the instructional innovation and to observe/assist with the implementation of the instructional innovation. Pair teams should have an innovation idea in mind as well as a preliminary plan for how they will assess the effectiveness of the innovation; both should be described in the application. Developing a greater understanding of and planning for implementing the innovation as well as solidifying the assessment plan will be part of the FLC experience. Note that the teams that make up the FLC will meet collectively on seven occasions each semester for 75 minutes with an additional two-hour meeting in early January, an additional four-hour meeting in mid-May, and an additional four-hour meeting in early August.

Expected Outcomes

  • A course redesign plan that incorporates the instructional innovation
  • Sharing of artifacts from pair team work and reports on progress toward meeting goals
  • Sharing of materials/information/resources with other CSM faculty interested in implementing instructional innovations (a) via a website (e.g., sample material, outline of course activities, webinars, good problems, annotated notes, regular reflection blog) and/or (b) through sharing sessions (e.g., brown-bag lunches, seminars, departmental talks/presentations)
  • Data on the outcomes of the implementation of the instructional innovation
  • Report analyzing the effectiveness of the innovation (including challenges, successes, and recommendations for other faculty implementing similar innovations)

Application Deadline

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 11:59pm


Each participant will receive $1000 summer salary in May of the current fiscal year, and $1000 summer salary in May of the following fiscal year.


In order to receive these funds, participants must:

  • attend at least 80% of all FLC meetings (as documented by attendance sheets),
  • meet the expected outcomes criteria (described above), and
  • be employed by KSU at the time of the expenditure.

NOTES: The summer salary counts toward your summer workload. In order to receive summer compensation, it is your responsibility to verify your summer salary and that by participating in this program you will not exceed your summer work limits. Funds are nontransferable to other uses or faculty.


Eligible CSM SSI FLC participants are part-time, full-time, or limited-term faculty who are under contract with Kennesaw State University during the academic year and who:

  • have an interest in learning about, designing, implementing, or researching the impact of instructional innovations in CSM courses
  • negotiate with their department chair for the Instructor to teach at least one section of the aforementioned courses (in any format) during the Spring 2017 semester and during the Fall 2017 semester

Pair teams may consist of any combination of junior and senior faculty, tenured or untenured. Part-time faculty are strongly encouraged to apply to serve as the Instructor on a pair team, but may not serve as the Collaborator on a pair team. Interdisciplinary pair teams are strongly encouraged to apply, but are not required. Faculty who have served on other FLCs are eligible to apply.

Selection and Application Process

Pair teams must submit one application by completing the form below and uploading a letter of application (2500 characters maximum not including spaces) that addresses the information shared in the Structure, Expected Outcomes, and Eligibility sections of this call. The complete application must be submitted electronically by September 15th. Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Be sure to click "Submit" when you are ready to submit your application. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt within 24 hours. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, you should immediately contact CETL in case there was an "electronic glitch." It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the proposal was received by the deadline.

The selection committee will consist of persons from both CSM and CETL. Selection is based on eligibility and answers to the application questions. You will be notified of your application status by September 26th. If accepted, a commitment to participate must be sent within a week of notification. If the commitment is not received in this timeframe, your spot will be awarded to the next qualified applicant.