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"One of the primary reasons I chose to do research is because it intimidated me...I was scared that I would mess up. However, it was one of the best experiences I've had as an undergraduate". - KSU undergraduate researcher 2011


Journal of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

A peer-reviewed online journal whose purpose is to serve as a place where scholars can publish their works, and where those seeking information can find resources of interest on issues and activities relating to the scholarship of teaching, learning, and research. Manuscripts are accepted from a variety of disciplines.

Radical Pedagogy

An interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, academic journal devoted to the analysis of teaching and learning as well as the institutional, political, and social aspects of education that impact critical pedagogical theory and practice. The journal is especially concerned to address these issues within the contexts of gender, race, ethnicity, sexualities, class, space and linguistics.

Journal of Studies in International Education

The premiere forum for higher education administrators, educators, researchers and policy makers interested in research, reviews, and case studies on all facets of the internationalization of higher education— the driving innovative element shaping higher education today. Each issue brings together the concepts, strategies and approaches of internationalization, the internationalization of the curriculum and the teaching and learning process, exchanges and study abroad, and issues surrounding international students and cross-border delivery of education.

E-Source for College Transitions

Provides practical strategies for supporting student learning and success. Articles on a variety of topics related to student transitions are welcome, especially those focusing on:
* Teaching strategies in the first college year
* Strategies for addressing the sophomore, senior, and transfer transitions
* Proven institutional initiatives
* Strategies for assessing student learning, experiences, programs, and courses
* Exploration of transition issues related to campus type

Simulation & Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research

Devoted to academic and applied issues in the increasingly popular methodology of simulation/gaming as used in education, training, consultation and research round the world.


The journal publishes original syllabi, assessment instruments, assignments and activities, and articles related to college teaching. A good syllabus is a piece of original scholarship; a great one is also an art form. A research or theory paper go through peer review process to be recognized and validated; the same process should be available to course materials. This is a small step towards taking college as seriously as we take research.

Teaching Ethics

Promotes ethics across the curriculum.

Internet and Higher Education, The

A quarterly journal devoted to addressing contemporary issues and future developments related to online learning, teaching, and administration on the Internet in post-secondary settings.

Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development, The

Dedicated to help Teaching Assistants become better instructors and to help institutions in developing their role within higher education.

Mentor, The: An Academic Advising Journal

A peer-reviewed scholarly publication about academic advising in higher education. The journal is free and published only online. The goal of the journal is to provide a mechanism for the rapid dissemination of new ideas about advising and for ongoing discourse about advising issues.


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