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Adult Learning

International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning, The

The International Journal of Adult, Community, and Professional Learning explores adult learning in a variety of contexts, from adult basic education to workplace training and professional learning.

Journal of Professional Continuing and Online Education

As an international journal supported by the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education, JPCOE has three main aims:  to attract scholarly papers from around the world from writers and teams of writers engaged in the practice and research of professional and continuing education in higher education settings; to attract scholarly papers from around the world from writers and teams of writers who use online technologies to support professional and continuing education in higher education settings; to establish itself as an academic and practice-based venue that builds a culture o

Journal of Executive Education (Archived)

The Journal of Executive Education (JEE) is an interdisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal with a mission to advance the quality of executive education and invites you to submit original manuscripts of your work on the scholarship of teaching, administration, and curriculum development issues, as well as essays and book reviews. Submissions are no longer accepted.

The JEE is currently and indefinitely on hold.

Journal of Contuining Higher Education, The

The Journal of Continuing Higher Education strives to support continuing higher education by serving as a forum for the reporting and exchange of information based on research, observations, and the experience relevant to the field.

Studies in Continuing Education

Studies in Continuing Education publishes material which will contribute to improving practice in the field of continuing education and of bringing theory and practice into closer association. Contributions are sought on all aspects of the field. These include: accounts of new initiatives, discussions of key issues, review articles, reports of research and development, and reflections on theory and practice. Papers drawing upon any one or more perspectives on the field are welcome.

Perspectives: The New York Journal of Adult Learning (Archived)

This peer-reviewed journal is intended to be a source of education articles from around the world that are practical, substantial, and scholarly.

New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development

New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development is the only journal that fully embraces both adult education and human resources as equal fields that complement each other. The journal publishes cutting-edge information and research on the latest thinking in the fields of adult education and human resource development (HRD) as well as diverse perspectives from scholars that stimulate cross-disciplinary dialogue and scholarship.

Journal of Further and Higher Education

Journal of Further and Higher Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarly work that represents the whole field of post-16 education and training. The journal engages with a diverse range of topics within the field including management and administration, teacher education and training, curriculum, staff and institutional development, and teaching and learning strategies and processes.

International Review of Education

The International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning (IRE) provides a forum for theoretically-informed and policy-relevant applied research in lifelong and life-wide learning in international and comparative contexts. Preferred topic areas include adult education, non-formal education, adult literacy, open and distance learning, vocational education and workplace learning, new access routes to formal education, lifelong learning policies, and various applications of the lifelong learning paradigm.

International Journal of Lifelong Education

The International Journal of Lifelong Education provides a forum for debate on the principles and practice of lifelong, adult, continuing, recurrent and initial education and learning, whether in formal, institutional or informal settings. Common themes include social purpose in lifelong education, and sociological, policy and political studies of lifelong education.


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