Kennesaw State University

Quality Matters 6th Edition Rubric Update

This self-paced training is designed for individuals who have experience with the 5th edition of the Quality Matters Rubric. The rubric update will reintroduce the basic Quality Matters principles, address changes made to the Quality Matters Course Worksheet and Course Review Management System, and identify the changes to the 6th edition of the rubric.

Within 24 hours of registration (M-F), you will be enrolled in the "2018 Quality Matters Rubric Update Workshop" in D2L. The workshop consists of two lessons and one acknowledgement quiz. Access to an electronic copy of the 6th edition rubric will be available in D2L after you complete all components of the update. Register here: 

*Workshop is ongoing from July 15, 2018 - December 10, 2018. This workshop is not a substitute for KSU online teaching certification.