Kennesaw State University

Not Naturally A Grass Country: Environment, Plant Genetics, and The Quest for Agricultural Modernization in the Humid World

This book project examines the efforts of agricultural scientists to transform the agricultural landscape of the U.S. South in the early twentieth-century, and the extension of those efforts into global regions with similar ecological characteristics. In the decades after the Civil War, the southern farm economy mirrored that of many hot climates: a mix of intensive plantation agriculture and extensive open-range husbandry. Agricultural scientists and reformers sought to replace these hot climate systems with the diversified mixed-husbandry of cool climates a type of agriculture that would withstand the vagaries of commodity markets, would be less dependent on a large supply oflandless labor, and would bring systematic order to the ostensible chaos of the open-range.

Project Lead(s)

Albert Way
Assistant Professor
History and Philosophy