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Teaching Resources

Learner-Centered Rubric for Classroom Observations

Would you like to see how learner-centered your teaching is? We have developed a learner-centered rubric for examining the behaviors exhibited by both the teacher and the students during a typical class session. Talk to a CETL staff member to learn more about how to implement learner-centered teaching practices into the classroom.

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Books on Teaching and Learning

The following books are great resources to help you think about how students learn, how you teach, and how you can bring these two pieces together.  

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Teaching and Learning Resources (websites)

These websites may help inspire your teaching and answer some of your basic teaching questions.  

Eberly Center: Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University

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Helping Students in Distress

The Behavioral Response Team at KSU has posted a flowchart for what to do in both emergency and non-emergency situations involving students in distress: 

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