Kennesaw State University

Our Expertise

The work we do at CETL is not merely an amalgamation of administrative tasks. It is a field, namely Faculty Development, which has a decades-long history, grounded in cognitive, motivational, and developmental psychology, diversity and inclusion studies, assessment, and other related fields. In addition to our own disciplinary expertise, we at CETL are proud to be scholars and leaders in Faculty Development.

Faculty Development is “a profession dedicated to helping colleges and universities function effectively as teaching and learning communities” (Felten et al. 2007). It is based on the assumption that the litmus test of teaching is learning, and that, therefore, in order to be as effective as we can as educators, we must understand the learning process and tailor our pedagogy to it. We at CETL understand that our faculty are deeply committed to excellent teaching, but are also too busy to keep up with the advances in learning science in addition to new developments in their disciplinary field.

For that reason, we make it our mission to keep up with the new developments in learning, be they advances in technology-assisted learning, generational differences with Millennial students, or anything else. We help faculty translate that research knowledge into usable teaching strategies. Collectively here at CETL, we have expertise in: learning theory, assessment theory, student-center teaching, student development and transitions, course design, technology-enhanced teaching, student motivation, creativity studies, inclusive teaching, signature pedagogies (e.g., service-learning, problem-based learning, contemplative pedagogy), generational and Millennial theory, undergraduate research and high-impact teaching practices, graduate student development and preparing future faculty, the teaching consultation process, organizational change, student ratings of instruction and faculty evaluation, leadership and career management, and much more.

Every workshop we facilitate, every learning community we run, every faculty orientation we organize, every individual consultation we engage, are steeped in this research and designed to make it available to educators on campus and help them adapt it to the context of their courses.

Collectively, we are highly published and well-respected in the field, and we also hold leadership positions in several national and international teaching & learning and faculty development organizations. It is our privilege to devote our knowledge to promoting excellence in teaching, and subsequent student success, on the KSU campus.

Felten, P. Kalish, A., Pingree, A., and Plank, K. (2007) Toward a scholarship of teaching and learning in educational development. To Improve the Academy, vol. 25, pp. 93-108.