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Our Staff

The permanent CETL staff includes an Executive Director and 4 Assistant/Associate Directors (Faculty Support, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Learning Sciences, and Graduate Student Support), 2 Instructional Designers who support course (re-)design initiatives in face-to-face, hybrid and online environments, an Educational Specialist for Part-Time Faculty Support. The Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Operations Coordinator and (4) Digital Communication Specialists, provide operational and promotional support for all of our events and programming. In addition, CETL sponsors a Faculty Fellowship. CETL Faculty Fellows receive a half-time release to work on a strategic initiative in teaching and learning for 2 years.

Michele DiPietro
Executive Director
2010 - Current
Dr. DiPietro provides the strategic vision and planning for CETL, and is ultimately responsible for all of CETL’s programs, including Faculty Learning Communities, Course (Re-)Design Institutes, the SoTL retreat, the Teaching Academy for Part-Time Faculty, New Faculty Orientation, the consultation program, the workshop, webinar, and book chat series, the Graduate Student Orientation and credit-bearing graduate course on College and University Teaching, the Teaching Conference Travel Fund, the SPACE conference (Symposium for Part-time, Adjunct, and Contingent Educators), the Research on Teaching and Learning Summit, and the TeachingWISE newsletter. He is the conference director for several international events, including the International Institute for New Faculty Developers, the International Consortium for Educational Development, and the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conferences. Dr. DiPietro serves on the steering committee for several KSU strategic initiatives, such as the QEP, G2C (Gateways to Completion), and Momentum Year. In addition, he is available to consults with academic departments on issues of teaching, learning, and curriculum.
Esther Jordan
Associate Director for Faculty Support
2015 - Current
Dr. Jordan provides a consulting service for faculty members. The service responds to a faculty member’s needs and questions, providing classroom observations, analysis of student learning, help with courses and syllabus design, and a variety of resources for promoting effective teaching. She also has responsibility for the Incoming Faculty Orientation retreat, a New Faculty Learning Community, and various books clubs and workshops designed to help faculty analyze and improve teaching.
Tris Utschig
Associate Director for Learning Sciences
2016 - Current
Dr. Utschig is dedicated to providing CETL services specifically addressing the needs of the Marietta campus. In this role he creates workshops; runs faculty learning communities and book/journal clubs; conducts classroom observations; and provides custom consulting services to colleges, departments, and individual faculty to leverage the learning sciences in bringing a scholarly approach to all aspects of the teaching and learning process. Tris brings significant expertise and consultation experience in choosing pedagogical techniques, performing course and learning activity design, assessing student learning outcomes, and conducting research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Leering (SoTL). As Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Tris also teaches courses for the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Hillary Steiner
Interim Associate Director for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
2018 - Current
Dr. Steiner, associate professor of educational psychology, provides consulting services and workshops to campus-wide academic committees, colleges, departments, and individual faculty in the areas of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), the learning sciences, and evaluating teaching effectiveness. She also directs a retreat for faculty conducting SoTL, coordinates the SoTL Faculty Funding Committee, chairs the Research on Teaching and Learning Summit, assists the University System of Georgia as a SoTL Fellows Mentor, and serves on national and international SoTL committees. Hillary maintains the nationally recognized directories of SoTL conferences and journals, and supports faculty in documenting teaching effectiveness and interpretation of student ratings of teaching for promotion and tenure. She teaches graduate courses in first-year studies and undergraduate first-year seminar courses in the Department of First-Year and Transition Studies.
Linda Stewart
Assistant Director for Graduate Student Support
2015 - Current
Linda S. Stewart is the CETL Assistant Director for Graduate Student Support and an Associate Professor in the Department of English. In accordance with CETL's mission to emphasize graduate student programming, the Assistant Director facilitates the professional development of graduate students as educators and future faculty who are preparing themselves for the academic job market. To that end, Linda is available for classroom observations and consultations, and she also conducts workshops and webinars to support graduate students. She teaches the one-credit GRAD 9001 College and University Teaching course, an 11-week course offered online and face-to-face. Along with the CETL team, she facilitates teaching-related orientations and events for graduate students who are currently teaching or who are interested in teaching in the future.
Kaleem Clarkson
Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives
2007 - Current
The Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at Kennesaw State assumes significant responsibility for Operational Management, Compliance and Reporting, Strategic Initiatives and Web App Development. Reporting directly to the CETL Executive Director, this position serves as a critical advisor and will be responsible for managing all operations and several staff for both the Marietta and Kennesaw campus locations. In collaboration with the CETL Associate Directors, Instructional Designers and Faculty Fellows, this position will assist in ensuring the Executive Director’s strategic goals and vision for each of the positions.
Josie Baudier
Instructional Designer
2010 - Current
Josie Baudier is an Instructional Designer at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Kennesaw State University. Josie supports faculty through workshops and consultations focusing on learner-centered education in their classes. Most of her workshops concentrate on the design and delivery of instruction in online, blended, and traditional face-to-face classes. She co-facilitates the Online Course Development workshop and the Peer Reviewer training for KSU online courses. She supports the Graduate Assistant Teaching program in the areas of course design and academic integrity. In addition, Josie is a certified National Reviewer of online courses for the Quality Matters Program. She teaches part-time for University College. Josie previously taught in the K-12 environment, in both traditional and non-traditional settings, and enjoys seeing all students develop into autonomous learners. Her experience and philosophy developed during her K-12 career is easily transferable to her role in faculty development and supporting the faculty at KSU.
Traci Stromie
Instructional Designer
2010 - Current
Traci spends much of her time at CETL helping faculty design technology enhanced, blended, and online courses. She is available to consult with faculty during every phase of the design process and can assist with course facilitation issues too. Traci also co-facilitates the Online Teaching Certification workshop, trains Peer Reviewers for KSU’s internal course reviewers and develops and delivers a number of other pedagogy and technology workshops each semester. In addition to her duties at CETL, Traci teaches a blended section of KSU 1101- First-Year Experience each fall, which provides her with valuable firsthand experience with Kennesaw’s students.
Mandy McGrew
Educational Specialist for Part-Time Faculty Support
2015 - Current
As a former part-time instructor, Mandy understands many of the unique needs of part-time faculty and supports them by providing workshops, online resources, and book clubs geared specifically to part-timers. Mandy is also charged with the development and implementation of CETL’s Part-time Teaching Academy, held each spring break to enhance the teaching knowledge and practices of KSU’s part-time faculty. Each year, Mandy organizes SPACE, the Symposium for Part-time, Adjunct, and Contingent Educators, a teaching conference supporting part-time educators across all disciplines.
Area(s) of Focus:
Part-Time Faculty
Jennifer Figueroa
Operations Coodinator
March 2017 - Current
The Operations Coordinator serves an integral role for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Reporting to and working with the Director of Operations, the Operations Coordinator supports the center’s strategic initiatives by facilitating with operations, logistics, marketing, and events.