Kennesaw State University

Previous Staff

Without the hard work and dedication of our previous colleagues, CETL would not be where are today. Below is a list of our previous employees, their job descriptions and how long they were in their positions. We thank you all of them for contributing to the success of CETL!

Thomas Pusateri
Associate Director for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
2006 - 2018
Dr. Pusateri, professor of psychology, provides consulting services to campus-wide academic committees, colleges, departments, individual faculty, and other nonacademic units on campus in the areas of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), assessment of student learning, and evaluating teaching effectiveness. Tom directs faculty learning communities and retreats for faculty conducting SoTL; coordinates two annual SoTL conferences, the Research on Teaching and Learning Summit and the Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology; serves as CETL's representative on the University's Faculty Committee on Global Engagement; and facilitates the campus-wide implementation of Digital Measures Course Response (online student ratings of instruction). He also teaches courses (Theories of Personality, Social Psychology) for the Department of Psychology.
Kadian Callahan
Faculty Fellow for Teaching and Learning Innovation
2015 - 2017
As Faculty Fellow for Teaching and Learning Innovation, Kadian provides coaching support for faculty seeking to enhance teaching and learning in their courses. Her work at CETL includes 1) drop-in types of assistance in the form of workshops and brown-bag lunches; 2) group support for making incremental enhancements to pedagogical practices (via book clubs and faculty learning communities); and 3) individual, longer-term focused support (via classroom observations and personalized consultations) through observing lessons and working closely with faculty to support them within their particular context.
Stephanie Foote
Faculty Fellow for High Impact Practices (HIPS)
2015 - 2017
As the faculty fellow for High-Impact Educational Practices (HIPs), Dr. Foote is responsible for the following: conducting and disseminating relevant HIPs research to faculty and staff, developing and maintaining a HIPs website, creating and sharing HIPs rubrics and resources to measure student learning associated with participation in HIPs, overseeing the work of a HIPs task force, hosting campus events to increase the visibility of HIPs, and collaborating on campus-wide initiatives to enhance student learning and engagement associated with HIPs.
Amy Buddie
Associate Director for Graduate Student Support & Undergraduate Research / Creative Activity
2011 - 2016
As the Associate Director for Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity, Dr. Buddie coordinates funding for undergraduate research, organizes the Undergraduate Research Reception and Symposium of Student Scholars every April, serves as Editor of the Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research (KJUR), serves as Editor of the Undergraduate Research Newsletter, serves as the faculty advisor for the Undergraduate Research Club (URC), serves as a Councilor for the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), conduct workshops and book clubs for both faculty and students about undergraduate research/creative activity, conducts research with undergraduates, and conducts research on undergraduate research/creative activity at KSU. As the Associate Director for Graduate Student Support, Dr. Buddie teaches a course for graduate students entitled “College and University Teaching,” conducts workshops on teaching issues, does observations of graduate students who are teaching, consults with graduate students about teaching issues, and assists graduate students with teaching materials (e.g., classroom activities, PowerPoints, clickers).
Alexander Gambon
Operations Coordinator
2012 - 2016
Alex's responsibilities at CETL include graphic design, video production, and the creation of promotional materials. He assists with various technological matters and also contributes to office and event logistics.
Mary Garner
Interim Associate Director for Faculty Support
2014 - 2016
Dr. Garner provides a consulting service for faculty members. The service responds to a faculty member’s needs and questions, providing classroom observations, analysis of student learning, help with courses and syllabus design, and a variety of resources for promoting effective teaching. She also has responsibility for the Incoming Faculty Orientation retreat, a New Faculty Learning Community, and various books clubs and workshops designed to help faculty analyze and improve teaching.
Grace Easton
Communication Specialist
2012 - 2015
As the Communication Specialist for CETL, Grace’s responsibilities include office and administrative assistance as well as friendly customer service support for all CETL communications. She aids in the facilitation and coordination of workshops, seminars, and conferences. Grace also coordinates CETL’s social media presence.
Danielle Ereddia
Communication Specialist
2014 - 2015
As the Communication Specialist for CETL, Danielle’s responsibilities include office and administrative assistance as well as friendly customer service support for all CETL communications. She aids in the facilitation and coordination of workshops, seminars, and conferences. Danielle also coordinates CETL’s social media presence.
Diana Gregory
Faculty Fellow for Creativity and Innovation
2012 - 2014
As Faculty Fellow for Creativity and Innovation, Diana supports faculty efforts to enhance the teaching/learning and scholarship of teaching creativity and innovation. Her work at CETL includes workshops, presentations, book clubs and one-on-one consultation on aspects of creativity and innovation. She is currently working with CETL Fellow for Community Engagement Lynn Boetller and other KSU faculty on “Getting Innogaged”, a book delineating how participants develop community engaged pedagogy while incorporating principles of creativity and innovation.
Area(s) of Focus:
Creativity and Innovation
Stephen Braden
Faculty Fellow for Part-Time Faculty Support
2012 - 2014
With 48% of KSU faculty being part-time, the KSU Provost felt a CETL Faculty Fellow was needed for part-time faculty support. This faculty fellow is to work with all stakeholders: part-time faculty, their supervisors, full-time faculty who collaborate with part-time faculty, Deans and Department Chairs. The fellow will gather data via focus groups and quantitative surveys to ascertain the level of support needed for adjunct faculty to do their best teaching. Workshops will be held for adjunct faculty, and for their supervisors. In these workshops best practices will be discussed and shared for teaching and learning improvement.
Area(s) of Focus:
Part-Time Faculty
Lynn Boettler
Faculty Fellow for Community Engagement
2012 - 2014
As the Faculty Fellow for Community Engagement, Lynn supports faculty efforts to incorporate community-engaged teaching in their instructional practice and advocates community-engaged scholarship. Facilitating workshops, book discussions, one-on-consultations, and other professional development opportunities in her half-time role with CETL, Lynn continues to teach half-time in her own department, First-Year and Transition Studies. Lynn is currently partnering with Diana Gregory, the Faculty Fellow for Creativity and Innovation, and other KSU faculty in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) entitled “Getting Innogaged!” in which participants develop community-engaged pedagogy for their own classes while simultaneously practicing principles of creativity/innovation. The ultimate aim of Lynn, Diana, and the FLC participants is to publish a book documenting their work and pioneering this integrated concept of Innogagement. Also leading Engage KSU’s Teaching Team, Lynn is working to advance a culture of community engagement at KSU.
Area(s) of Focus:
Community Engagement
Meghan Burke
Associate Director for Mentoring for Faculty & Student Success
2009 - 2014
Dr. Burke's areas of responsibility at CETL are related to faculty and leadership development. She is the Director of New Faculty Orientation, which begins each fall semester, and includes all faculty, both part- and full-time, and offers both online and in-person sessions. She is a non-voting member of the Chairs and Directors Assembly, and provides the meeting minutes and other resources to department chairs, as well as offering ongoing leadership development opportunities. She offers support for faculty (tenure-track as well as lecturers) navigating the tenure and/or promotion review process, including workshops, individual consultations, and assisting with training of reviewers. She is also involved in several other initiatives, including support for international faculty, and support for faculty using Digital Measures Faculty Activity Insight.