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2016 Symposium of Student Scholars - Bigger Than Ever!

Apr 22, 2016 | by Amy Buddie | Kennesaw State University

Three hundred and twenty-four students presented oral and poster projects at the 21st annual Symposium of Student Scholars & Undergraduate Research Reception and set a new bar of academic excellence. Some students presented multiple projects this year, a growing trend, while others have returned with new research work to showcase. This year’s symposium attracted projects from every college.

Student projects earning distinction at this year’s symposium:

Best Poster ($200 prize)

Fibonacci Number of the Chorded Cycle
Denise Hernandez and David Richmond
Faculty Mentor: Joe DeMaio
Department of Mathematics

Runner-Up Poster ($100 prize)

Quest for Success: On Campus Housing Versus Off Campus Living at Kennesaw State University
Jesica Montoya
Faculty Mentor: Brandon Lundy
Department of Geography and Anthropology

Best Oral Presentation ($200 prize)

Thermal Analysis of Borosilicate Glass for its Biological Applications
Gregory Humble and Johnathon Ard
Faculty Mentors: Kisa Ranasinghe and Rajnish Singh
Department of Physics

Runner-Up Oral Presentation ($100 prize)

To the Evolution: Cultural Dialogue in the Contemporary American Musical
Elliott Folds
Faculty Mentor: Angela Farr Schiller
Department of Theatre and Performance Studies

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