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CETL House Reservation

CETL has a wonderful facility that was created for faculty to gather for workshops, meetings, social events, and informal conversations on the advancement of teaching and student learning. Because excellence in teaching and learning is central to KSU's institutional effectiveness, CETL proudly serve as partners in facilitating KSU's continuing commitment to quality enhancement and distinctive achievement in student learning.

The CETL House, located at House #54 on Campus Loop Rd., may be reserved for workshops, meetings and events that are directly tied to the mission of CETL. Scheduling priority will be given to meetings and events associated with those CETL and secondarily to other related meetings and events coordinated by campus colleagues who do not have a formal affiliation with CETL.

Types of spaces at CETL include:

Conference Room:
The conference room provides two different settings to fulfill your meeting needs. Equipped with a full AV system you can conveniently present power-point presentations, view DVD, or even play music. The conference tables comfortably seats 20. In addition to the conference table there is also a living room style section that provides a comfortable setting for non-traditional events such as book clubs and social gathering that seats 8 people.

Instructional Development Lab:
The Instructional Development Lab is set up in the traditional classroom style with a capacity seating of 325 people. Different table configurations can be easily made with our light weight wheeled tables. Our new fully equipped lab has a complete state of the art AV system to satisfy any of your presentation needs. In addition CETL can provide your workshop with a Laptop equipped with wireless internet for 25 people. Requests must be made in advance.

Deck & Backyard:
The CETL deck and backyard is great for any social gathering with seating up to 30 people. Equipped with class tables, cloth chairs and umbrellas, you can enjoy the outdoors while also protected from the in climate weather.

The Library at CETL offers a space for small gathering such as book clubs. There are two sofas and 4 oversized chairs.


Scheduling of the CETL House facilities (i.e., the Conference Room, Instructional Development Lab, Deck and Library) must be coordinated through CETL. The CETL House Special Event Request Form must be completed and submitted to CETL and approved by The Executive Director, prior to announcing an event at House #54.

Please note that parking at CETL is limited. If your event begins before 5:00 pm, Please use the parking lot at the Lutheran Church on Campus Loop road that is now a mixed use lot and can be utilized by Commuters, Faculty and Staff. Faculty and Staff may park anywhere in the lot, EXCEPT for: the Economy spaces (located in the back) or the area located in front of the church that has been lined off in yellow paint. Those Unloading and loading your event materials i.e. food, refreshments, will be able to park at CETL if space is available.

Use of the facilities at House #54 will generally be restricted to meetings and events directly related to the mission of CETL. Scheduling priority will be given to CETL meetings and events. However, on occasion, related meetings and events coordinated by non-CETL campus colleagues may be requested. The maximum capacity for the CETL Instructional Lab is 25 and the Conference Room is 20 (40 for a reception set-up; seating for 30 on the deck). Both rooms are equipped with presentation technology, including DVD playback. Wireless laptops may be available upon request.

1. Request for use of House #54 facilities must be submitted using the CETL House Special Event Request Form located at the bottom of these guidelines. This completed form must be received by CETL at least 14 days before the scheduled event. However, all requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible to ensure space is available and requested use is approved.

2. The person signing the request form, or his/her designee, will be responsible for event set-up, clean-up, food purchases, food preparation, and requests for reimbursement if applicable. Please allow at least a half hour for both set-up and clean-up (longer if food and beverage preparation is involved). Although CETL will coordinate event scheduling, we will not be responsible for any event set-up or clean-up. Your event space must be returned to it's original configuration.

3. If the event takes place on a weekday after 5pm, the event contact is responsible for arriving before 5pm to gain access to the facility. They are also responsible for securing/locking the CETL House facility when leaving. Please note in the form below if your request is for a weekend event as additional arrangements will need to be made to ensure access to CETL.

4. Because CETL has limited Foundation funds, we do not generally reimburse for food purchases from CETL funds (Foundation or agency accounts) for non-CETL-sponsored events. If the event is approved by the CETL Director as a CETL-sponsored event, event-related expenses should be submitted to CETL within 7 days of the event. A participant list and invitation/agenda for the event must accompany any request for reimbursement.

5. If you are requesting permission to serve alcohol at a CETL House event, you must submit your request and justification to CETL 30 days prior to the event in order to secure approval from the proper authority. You will need to fill out the Alcohol Request Form and submit it to University Events for approval. They may require you to have a police officer and/or a bartender on hand for the event.


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