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How Women Decide: What’s True, What’s Not, and What Strategies Spark the Best Choices
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
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Book Club
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CETL House #54: Book Club Room
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Dr. Huston states: “Men and women approach decisions differently, though not necessarily in the ways we have been led to believe. Stress? It actually makes women more focused. Confidence? A healthy dose of self-questioning leads to much stronger decisions. And despite popular misconceptions, women are just as decisive as men — though they may pay a price for it.” This book club will explore how the decision making process differs between men and women, and we will apply those insights to the classroom. What are the implications for students making decisions about their studies, or how to act in teams, or how to choose majors? What can we do as instructors to create environments where multiple ways of making decisions are valued and respected? We will also touch on the implications of different decision making processes for women faculty when it comes to establishing their competence, leadership, and collegiality.

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