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Examples of Approved SoTL IRB Proposals

Below are examples of approved IRB applications for SoTL projects. Thank you to the faculty members who graciously shared their work! For more examples, and for tips on preparing your application, see this excellent resource curated by Illinois State University:


PDF icon KGray_IRB.pdf
Title of Research: Investigation of the Effectiveness of Virtual Field Experiences in EDUC 2110; Primary Investigator: Dr. Kimberly Gray, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Secondary and Middle Grades Education


PDF icon KSchaab_IRB.pdf
Title of Research: Effect of Early Exposure to and Development of Integrative Thinking Skills; Primary Investigator: Dr. Katharine Schaab, Assistant Professor of Integrative Studies, Department of Leadership and Integrative Studies


PDF icon PStPierre_IRB.pdf
Title of Research: Behavior Change in Approaches to Physical Education through Reading the Stories of “Others”; Primary Investigator: Dr. Peter St. Pierre, Associate Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education


PDF icon DHong_IRB.pdf
Title of Research: The Effect of Pre-Exam Quiz Wrappers on Student Learning in an Introductory Accounting Course; Primary Investigator: Dr. Duanping Hong, Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy
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