Kennesaw State University

Examples of SoTL from KSU Faculty

Here are some great examples of published KSU faculty SoTL projects:

Glover, E. M., & Lauzon, O. (2018). Using a contrast illusion to teach principles of neural processing. Journal of undergraduate neuroscience education : JUNE : a publication of FUN, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience17(1), A81–A88. Available at:

Slinger-Friedman, V. & Patterson, L.M. (2015). Using online journals and in-class note cards for reflective and responsive teaching and learning. College Teaching, 64(1), 38-39. Available at:

Wynn, C. T. , Mosholder, R. S. , Larsen, C. A. (2014). Measuring the effects of problem-based learning on the development of postformal thinking skills and engagement of first-year learning community students. Learning Communities Research and Practice, 2(2), Article 4. Available at:

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