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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Institute

CETL is seeking applications from faculty members interested in obtaining professional development funding and consulting to support their work in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).  SoTL involves scholarly inquiry concerning student learning and the teaching practices that affect student learning.  CETL will fund SoTL projects that examine teaching and student learning at the college/university level with an emphasis on projects that measure and have the potential to improve student learning in KSU’s degree programs. We will consider SoTL projects at any stage of development, from conceptualization to execution to write-up for publication.

If you are starting a new SoTL project:
- Have you been thinking about it but don't know how to get started?- Do you need guidance conceptualizing the project?
- Could you use some feedback on the research design?
- Do you need guidance with the Institutional Review Board process?

If you are currently working on a SOTL project:
- Are you trying to make sense of your data, quantitative and/or qualitative?
- Do you want to learn about theoretical lenses to interpret the results?
- Would you like to write it up for publication but can never find the time to do so?
- Do you have a SoTL manuscript for publication that needs revision? 

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, the SoTL institute may be for you. Dr. Hillary Steiner, CETL Interim Associate Director for SoTL, and Dr. Michele DiPietro, CETL Executive Director, will support 6 to 8 faculty members in getting started or moving forward with their SoTL research.

Free from committee meetings, email, other campus distractions, and under the guidance of the institute facilitators, your productivity will be greatly enhanced. The institute will occur May 14-16, 2019 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (lunch and refreshments provided) at the Roswell River Landing, 245 Azalea Dr, Roswell, GA 30075.

The agenda for the institute will depend on the participants and the status of their projects. The institute will include:
- an overview of SoTL research and resources;
- one-on-one consultations with CETL staff;
- individual work time; and
- daily opportunities for participants to share their ideas, discuss progress on their projects, and receive feedback from CETL staff and other institute participants.

Application Deadline

Monday, February 4, 2019 - 11:59pm


Each participant will receive $1000 toward summer salary after attending all three days of the institute. Faculty funds are subject to all state funding requirements.

 Note: The $1000 summer salary counts toward your summer workload. In order to receive summer compensation, it is the responsibility of each faculty member to verify with their supervisor that by participating in this program they will not exceed summer work limits.


Funding is competitive and proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

- Clear articulation of the SoTL project via an abstract that focuses on how the project pertains to student learning and/or teaching at KSU (or other colleges/universities).  Note:  Preference will be given to projects that focus on the measurement and improvement of student learning.

- Clear articulation of current progress on the project that demonstrates that the candidate is ready to benefit from participation in the institute

- Clear articulation of practical goals for participation during the institute and afterwards. 


All Full-Time KSU faculty members who are expected to produce scholarship. Note: Only one faculty member will be considered for funding per project. If you are collaborating with other faculty members, notify them of your application prior to submitting the application.

Participants must make their own arrangements to travel to the institute site (Roswell River Landing) and attend all three days from 8 AM until 5 PM. Note: CETL will not provide compensation for travel or overnight accommodations.

Selection and Application Process

Each applicant must prepare the following materials and share the cover sheet and application narratives in advance with the applicant’s supervisor/chair/director:

Project Title (no more than 15 words)

Project Abstract (150 words max)

Provide an abstract of your project that focuses on how the project pertains to student learning and/or teaching at KSU (or other colleges/universities). This abstract may be posted on our website.

Description of Current Progress on the Project (200 words max)

Describe your current progress on the project. (e.g., Are you just beginning to conceptualize your project? Is this a follow-up to previous work you have done? Have you conducted any literature review or consulted with others? Have you submitted a proposal to KSU’s Institutional Review Board?  Have you collected any data/evidence? Have you presented or written anything? Are you beginning to write?)

Description of Practical Goals for Participation (200 words max)

Describe practical goals for participation during the SoTL institute and afterwards.  (e.g. How will participation in the SoTL institute help you make progress in the project?  What tangible product(s) do you plan to produce during the 3-day retreat?  What are your plans and timelines for completion of the project and for future presentations or publications of the work?)

Cover Page and Curriculum Vitae

Complete the cover page (link below) that includes the applicant's name College, department/school, phone, email, title of the SoTL project, and names of any KSU faculty members collaborating on the project.  The applicant must also sign the “Letter of Understanding” appearing on the cover sheet and obtain the signature of the immediate supervisor.  Create a single PDF that includes the completed Cover Page and the applicant's curriculum vitae.

Electronic Proposal Submission Guidelines:

A single electronic copy (PDF only) including the cover sheet (link below) and curriculum vitae must uploaded to the application below. It will be the responsibility of the individual submitting the proposal to ascertain that the proposal materials are complete when submitted (all documents requested are included; no materials missing). The SoTL Funding Committee will not consider late or incomplete applications.

Submission Instructions:

1. Fill out the required fields and text areas below.

2. Upload required PDF Documentation
--Using “Browse,” select the file to be uploaded
--Select "Upload", and wait for the file to complete upload.

3. Click “Submit” and when you are ready to submit your application.

4. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt within 24 hours. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, you should immediately contact CETL in case there was an “electronic glitch.” It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the proposal was received by the deadline.

Application Documents