Kennesaw State University

Faculty Interviews

Department of Career Planning and Development Executive Director Ana Baida.

Strategic Security and Safety Vice President Bob Lang.

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Burruss Institute Director Richard Engstrom.

Behavioral Response Team Associate Vice President Michael Sanseviro.

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AAUP KSU Chapter President Andy Pieper.

This research will document the land-use history and land-use economics of a Cistercian ("Trappist") Monastery near Conyers, Georgia. It will examine the flexibility of this ancient Order in making land-use decisions placed in a philosophy o f permanence, community obligations, and commitment to the Earth. This interdisciplinary project includes archeology, cultural geography, history, and religion. Methods include archival research, interviews, map analyses, and observation.

Kimberly S. Loomis is professor of science education in the Department of Secondary and Middle Grades Education at Kennesaw State University. She has taught science and education courses at the middle grades through college levels for over 25 years. Many of her presentations and publications focus on inquiry teaching strategies, which are grounded in constructivist learning theory.