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Faculty Learning Communities, Kadian Callahan

Faculty Learning Communities
Kadian Callahan

The Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers faculty learning community (FLC) will conduct an examination of the mathematics content preparation of prospective middle school teachers at Kennesaw State University (KSU). This FLC, consisting of six mathematics educators from the Bagwell College of Education and the College of Science and Mathematics, will examine national recommendations, research, and practitioner sources and document best practices for developing the knowledge and skills that teachers need to effectively teach middle school mathematics in accordance with national and state standards for school mathematics. The primary outcome of this work will be a set of recommendations that will be shared with the Bagwell College of Education and College of Science and Mathematics about how to strengthen the preparation of prospective middle school teachers at KSU. Longer-term outcomes include disseminating these recommendations to other mathematics teacher educators responsible for preparing middle school teachers through conference presentations and books that could be used in mathematics content courses for prospective middle school teachers or in professional development workshops for practicing middle school teachers.