Kennesaw State University

Felton Jenkins, Jr. Hall of Fame Faculty Awards

This is the USG’s traditional teaching excellence recognition, awarded to one faculty member for sustained excellence in their course.

Official USG Award Guidelines

You can view the full description and the USG criteria for eligibility here.

Nomination Process

KSU has an established process for this award. The winner of the Outstanding Teaching award from the previous year is the automatic campus submission to the Regents. No nomination will be collected for this award.


September 14, 2017. Deans’ Council to decide campus nominees.

December 4, 2017. Final deadline for CETL to submit campus nominations to USG.

Previous KSU Winners

Prof. Margaret Baldwin, Theater and Performance Studies, 2016
Prof. Pam Marek, Psychology, 2015
Prof. Sabine Smith, Modern Languages, 2011
Prof. Karen Robinson, Theater and Performance Studies, 2010
Prof. Carol Barnum (former Southern Polytechnic State University), 2009
Prof. Mary Garner, Mathematics and Statistics, 2007
Prof. Gail Schiffer, Biological and Physical Sciences, 2003
Prof. Sarah Robbins, English, 2002
Prof. Carol Edwards, School of Art and Design, 2000
Prof. Jo Allen Bradham, English, 1997