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Journal of Historical Research in Music Education

The mission of the Journal of Historical Research in Music Education (JHRME) is to encourage submission of high-quality historical research and bring to the readership reviews of books and media that advance knowledge in history and historiography. The journal serves to publish and disseminate studies that reflect a diverse range of topics spanning various time periods, music teaching and learning environments and cultural contexts, drawing on economic, intellectual, political, social and cultural perspectives to deepen understanding of the past.

Social Studies, The

The Social Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles of interest to educators at all levels. Suitable topics include those concerned with the social studies, the social sciences, history, and interdisciplinary studies. The journal welcomes articles that present new directions, options, or approaches. The Social Studies considers for publication articles that deal with the following:
Curriculum: what shall we teach and how shall we teach it?
Learning: conditions under which cognitive, affective, and participatory learning takes place

History Teacher, The

The History Teacher publishes articles of three general types:
Reports on promising new classroom techniques, educational programs, curricula, and methods of evaluating instructional effectiveness.
Analyses of important interpretations, leading historians, historiographical problems, and recent trends in specific fields of historical research.
Critical review essays on audiovisual materials, textbooks, and other secondary works suitable for classroom use.

Teaching History

We run fairly informally with Teaching History: no fancy printed style sheet or any of that. We assume that authors will use good writing style and such. Then, when we accept an essay, we do whatever editing is needed to assure consistency within the journal.

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