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Canadian Journal of Higher Education, The

The Journal is a publication of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education. It intends to publish manuscripts on topics that address and are relevant to the Canadian higher education system and its structures, processes, and community; and to promote research with international and comparative dimensions in relation to Canadian higher education.

Journal of General Education, The

For faculty, administrators, and policymakers, JGE is the professional forum for discussing issues in general education today. JGE addresses the general education concerns of community colleges, four-year colleges, universities, and state systems. Along with perceptive essays on the role of general education today, JGE features articles on innovative methods in teaching and assessment, profiles of exemplary general education programs, case studies of successful curriculum development efforts, and reviews of books and monographs related to general education.

Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, The

Provides information about the governance, policies, and practices of interest to Blacks in our colleges and universities.

Journal of Negro Education, The

Identifies and defines the problems that characterized the education of Black people in the United States and elsewhere, provide a forum for analysis and solutions, and serve as a vehicle for sharing statistics and research on a national basis.

Teaching in Higher Education

Teaching in Higher Education has become an internationally recognised field, which is more than ever open to multiple forms of contestation. However, the intellectual challenge which teaching presents has been inadequately acknowledged and theorised in higher education.

Research into Higher Education Abstracts

Research into Higher Education Abstracts, published on behalf of the Society for Research into Higher Education, exists to propagate knowledge about, and encourage discussion of, significant research into higher education.

Race, Ethnicity and Education

Race Ethnicity and Education is the leading peer-reviewed journal on racism and race inequality in education. The journal provides a focal point for international scholarship, research and debate publishing original and challenging research that explores the dynamics of race, racism and ethnicity in education policy, theory and practice.

Quality in Higher Education

Quality in Higher Education is aimed at those interested in the theory, practice and policies relating to the control, management and improvement of quality in higher education.

The journal is receptive to critical, phenomenological as well as positivistic studies. The journal would like to publish more studies that use hermeneutic, semiotic, ethnographic or dialectical research as well as the more traditional studies based on quantitative surveys and in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Pedagogy Culture & Society

Pedagogy, Culture & Society is a fully-refereed international journal that seeks to provide an international forum for pedagogy discussion and debate. The identity of the journal is built on the belief that pedagogy debate has the following features:
Pedagogy debate is not restricted by geographical boundaries: its participants are the international educational community and its proceedings appeal to a worldwide audience.
Pedagogy debate is open and democratic: it is not the preserve of teachers, politicians, academics or administrators but requires open discussion.

Teacher-Scholar: The Journal of the State Comprehensive University

Published annually and fully peer-reviewed, Teacher-Scholar Teacher-Scholar is a fully interdisciplinary journal focused on any and all issues pertaining to State Comprehensive Universities. THe journalwelcomes submissions of reflective essays that explore the satisfactions and frustrations of careers spent at SCUs, studies of specific topics based on quantitative and/or qualitative research, and articles that focus on application and pedagogy.


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