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Learning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences

A peer-reviewed journal that uses the social sciences to reflect critically on learning and teaching in the changing context of higher education. The journal invites students and staff to explore their education practices in the light of changes in their institutions, national higher education policies, the strategies of international agencies and developments associated with the so-called international knowledge economy.

Journal of Management Education

Journal of Management Education (JME), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, is a leading voice in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) in management. JME welcomes contributions from all management educators who seek to reflect on their professional practice and to engage readers in an exploration of what or how to teach in order for students to learn and practice effective management. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Natural Sciences Education

Natural Sciences Education (NSE) is a peer-reviewed international journal published online continuously during the year. Articles are written by and for educators in the areas of animal science, ecology, natural resources, agronomy, the environment, entomology, and more. Read articles related to extension, universities, industry, administration, and grades K-12. NSE is published by the American Society of Agronomy.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD) is SHAPE America's largest, most frequently published, and most wide-ranging periodical. It is SHAPE America's cornerstone journal, providing information on a variety of health, physical education, recreation and dance issues. Recent issues of JOPERD have included articles on teaching strategies, fitness, legal issues, assessment, dancing, teacher education, adapted physical education, leisure for older adults, the use of technology, and ethics and gender equity in sports and physical education.

Journal of Political Science Education

The Editors of the Journal of Political Science Education, of the American Political Science Association, invite submissions that focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning issues in political science in higher education. The journal invites submissions that span a broad scope of issues in political science education, including teaching-related issues and topics, methods and techniques, learning/teaching activities and devices, including technology-related tools, educational assessment in political science, reviews of textbooks and other related sources, and curriculum development.

Journal of Geography in Higher Education

The Journal of Geography in Higher Education ( JGHE) was founded upon the conviction that the development of learning and teaching was vitally important to higher education. It is committed to promote, enhance and share geography learning and teaching in all institutions of higher education throughout the world, and provides a forum for geographers and others, regardless of their specialisms, to discuss common educational interests, to present the results of educational research, and to advocate new ideas.

Journal of Education for Business

Journal of Education for Business features basic and applied research articles, results of practical applications related to classroom instructional experiments, and a balanced analysis of important and timely issues impacting upon the discipline of business. Topic areas within the business curriculum include accounting, business communication, economics, finance, information systems, information technology, management, management information systems (MIS), and marketing.

Journal of Economic Education

The Journal of Economic Education offers original articles on teaching economics. In its pages, leading scholars evaluate innovations in teaching techniques, materials, and programs. Instructors of introductory through graduate level economics will find the journal an indispensable resource for content and pedagogy in a variety of media. The Journal of Economic Education is published quarterly in cooperation with the National Council on Economic Education and the Advisory Committee on Economic Education of the American Economic Association.

Journal of Criminal Justice Education

The Journal of Criminal Justice Education (JCJE) is an official publication of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). JCJE provides a forum for the examination, discussion and debate of a broad range of issues concerning post-secondary education in criminal justice, criminology and related areas. The aim of JCJE is to enhance the quality of higher education in criminal justice and criminology. JCJE is an education-oriented journal for those undertaking educational and academic endeavors in the fields of criminal justice and criminology.

Journal of Engineering Education

JEE is a peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) in partnership with a global community of engineering education societies and associations.


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