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Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing publishes high-quality, scientific articles pertaining to the processes, acquisition, and loss of reading and writing skills. The journal fully represents the necessarily interdisciplinary nature of research in the field, focusing on the interaction among various disciplines, such as linguistics, information processing, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, speech and hearing science and education.

NACTA Journal

Formed in 1955, the mission of NACTA is to: 

Provide for all post-secondary teachers of agriculture a forum for discussion of questions and issues relating to the professional advancement of agricultural discussion.

Seek improvement in the post-secondary teaching of agriculture through examination and discussion of courses and curricula, teaching and testing techniques, facilities and materials.
Encourage, promote and reward instructional excellence in agriculture and the research supporting this instruction.

Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods

A scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal published seasonally, focusing on theories, methods, and materials.

MEIEA Journal

The MEIEA Journal is a refereed scholarly work published annually by the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association and is as a resource for anyone interested in scholarly research and writing about the music and entertainment industries. The MEIEA Journal is distributed to members of MEIEA, universities, libraries, and individuals concerned with music and entertainment industry education.

New Zealand Physical Educator

Submissions to the New Zealand Physical Educator may be lodged with the editor at any time, Contributions from overseas writers is encouraged. However relevance and links to the New Zealand context and curriculum must be explicit.

Refereed articles:  These articles must be of a scholarly quality and relevant to New Zealand physical educators. Articles received for this section will be reviewed by a selection of the Journals research panel prior to being approved for publication.

Journal of Physical Education and Sport

The main objective of JPES is to unite specialists from different fields, including sport, physical activity, kinesiology, education, and health and nutrition, to provide the opportunity for multidisciplinary debates and comprehensive understanding of how physical activity influences human life. Researchers from areas that are related to sport and health are invited to publish their cutting-edge research and its practical applicability.

Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education

The Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education (JOEE) is an international journal of the outdoor profession owned by the Outdoor Council of Australia and strongly supported by Outdoor Education Australia. The journal provides an academic forum in which empirical and non-empirical research concerning outdoor and environmental education can be shared and discussed. The primary aim of the journal is to positively influence the development of outdoor and environmental education practice and theory.

Journal of Information Systems Education

The Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) is an academic, peer reviewed IS journal that focuses on IS education.  JISE seeks original articles on current topics of special interests to information systems educators. The journal publishes applications-oriented and research articles covering information systems education and training topics. Curriculum design and implementation issues and research or application oriented articles that describe curriculum, pedagogy, professional development or educational facilities issues will be considered for publication in the journal.

Journal of Historical Research in Music Education

The mission of the Journal of Historical Research in Music Education (JHRME) is to encourage submission of high-quality historical research and bring to the readership reviews of books and media that advance knowledge in history and historiography. The journal serves to publish and disseminate studies that reflect a diverse range of topics spanning various time periods, music teaching and learning environments and cultural contexts, drawing on economic, intellectual, political, social and cultural perspectives to deepen understanding of the past.

Journal of Entrepreneurship Education

The Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (JEE) is sponsored by the Academy of Entrepreneurship, an affiliate of the Allied Academies. The journal is double blind, peer reviewed, with an acceptance rate of 25% and publishes, which publishes theoretical or empirical works in entrepreneurship education and training.


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