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Diversity and Inclusion

The Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism and Practice

A refereed academic journal published by Lesley University, providing a medium for leading minds in the arts, sciences and human services to promote cultural criticism and pluralistic approaches to teaching and learning. The editorial board seeks to present a balance of practitioner-research, philosophical essays, systematic theoretical research, literature, and the visual arts to showcase interdisciplinary lenses for diverse forms of education.

The Black Collegian

A career and self development magazine targeted to African-American students and other students of color seeking information on careers, job opportunities, graduate/professional school, internships/co-ops, study abroad programs, etc. The magazine is distributed on over 800 campuses nationwide, primarily through the career services office.

Journal of Linguistic and Intercultural Education, The

The Journal of Linguistic and Intercultural Education is concerned with all aspects pertaining to linguistic and intercultural education today. Preference is given to articles which bring a significant contribution to current debate in language education policies, instruments and end products, bi- and plurilingualism, language learning/teaching and teacher education, as well as in intercultural and cross-cultural awareness.

International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities, The

The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities investigates the dynamics of learning in diverse communities and classrooms.

Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, The

As the official journal of the Association on Higher Education And Disability, the JPED serves as a resource to our members and other professionals dedicated to the advancement of full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities. The Journal is the leading forum for scholarship in the field of postsecondary disability support services.

Journal of Studies in International Education

The Journal of Studies in International Education (JSIE) reaches an extensive international audience. It is the premiere forum for higher education researchers, teachers, policy makers, leaders, managers and administrators, interested in all facets of the internationalization of higher education.

Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy

Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary forum for pedagogical scholarship exploring intersections of identities, power, and social justice. The journal features a range of approaches, from theoretical articles to creative and experimental accounts of pedagogical innovations, from teachers and scholars from all areas of education. The mission of Transformations is to bridge the gaps between scholarship and teaching, between K-12, higher education, and teaching in non-institutional venues, between the classroom and the world.

Women in Higher Education

Submission Guidelines for Women in Higher Education
We are delighted to welcome submissions from subscribers, administrators and faculty in higher education as well as organizational leaders with information on topics relevant to our readers.

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, The

The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education (HO) is a national monthly magazine rooted in serving the unique needs of the Hispanic community in higher education. HO provides a pipeline delivering nationwide news about multicultural accomplishments and challenges in college classrooms. The publication serves a diverse audience offering editorial coverage about high-profile events, trends, and facts and figures – compiled by a network of accomplished Hispanic and non-Hispanic writers – that impact the country’s higher learning institutions.

Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, The

Provides information about the governance, policies, and practices of interest to Blacks in our colleges and universities.


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