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Faculty Development

Studies in Graduate & Professional Student Development

Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development is a peer-reviewed book series designed to provide a platform for the discussion of the research, issues, and programs that address the professional development of graduate and professional students. Areas to be addressed include:

Research on teaching, professional development, curricula, assessment and evaluation, training, certification, and career planning and outcomes

Informing Faculty (IF)

Informing Faculty (IF) is a repository of case studies about higher education teaching, or administrative situations. Originally established in a journal format, in 2007 the decision was made to change the outlet to a repository.

International Journal of Process Education

The International Journal of Process Education is a peer-reviewed international journal published annually by the Academy of Process Educators. It also serves as an archival media for a community of practice encompassing scholars and educators dedicated to transforming higher education.

Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development, The (Archived)

Initially published quarterly to highlight those aspects of the teaching assistantship which prepare graduate students for the multiple roles they play as assistants as well as for the multiple roles they will play as professionals upon leaving graduate school. The full range of issues involved in the administration of teaching assistant programs were addressed in the journal. Volume 1 was published from the Fall 1993 through Spring 1994, and is presented here with all issues bound in one number.

Department Chair, The

Written by practitioners from their own experience, this newsletter is invaluable to anyone responsible for a department in any institution of higher education.

To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development

To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development is an electronic journal that seeks to advance excellence in research and practice in educational development. Access to each peer-reviewed volume of To Improve the Academy is provided to current POD members as a benefit of membership.

Journal of Faculty Development, The

The JFD welcomes manuscript submissions that advance theoretical and practical understandings of faculty development in post-secondary institutions.
Therefore, articles submitted to JFD should address, but are not limited to:
Advancement of faculty
Teaching and learning
Issues of importance to development of successful faculty

Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning

The Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning represents a site through which Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTL) staff can engage in conversations, explore their relevance to their own institutional situations, and imagine new possibilities to take back to these institutions — not to mention new ways of looking at the conversations already at work there. While multiple publications deal with pedagogical issues in specific fields and with issues addressed by CTLs more broadly, JCTL is designed to focus on the operations, achievements, and potentials of CTLs themselves.

International Journal of Training and Development

International forum for the reporting of high-quality research, analysis and debate for the benefit of the academic and corporate communities, as well as those engaged in public policy formulation and implementation.

Innovation Abstracts

Innovation Abstracts is the flagship journal of the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD). Each week faculty, administrators, and staff at NISOD-member colleges receive Innovation Abstracts, NISOD’s flagship teaching and learning publication, written by and for community and technical college practitioners. Authors share their best ideas about programs, projects, and strategies that improve students’ higher education experiences. A full academic year’s collection features a wide array of topics with each issue having something for everyone.


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