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Pedagogical Research: Disciplinary

Journal of Correctional Education, The

The Journal of Correctional Education is the foremost publication of the Correctional Education Association (CEA). The Journal serves as a resource for:

  1. Academic research in correctional education
  2. Current issues/Legislative updates in correctional educations
  3. Best practices for correctional educators

NABTE Review

The NABTE Review is an annual refereed journal that serves as a forum for research on business education. The purpose of this publication is to promote excellence in business education by reporting significant research including curriculum and instructional applications and by addressing in a scholarly manner the relevant issues in business education today. This document is designed to promote and strengthen business education programs in colleges and universities community colleges and secondary schools through improved business teacher education at the collegiate level. 

Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics (Archived)

Prior to Spring 2008, Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics was published jointly by the Research Council on Mathematics Learning (RCML) and the Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics (CT/LM).  

Investigations in Mathematics Learning

Investigations in Mathematics Learning is published four times per year and seeks to stimulate, generate, coordinate, and disseminate research efforts designed to understand and/or influence factors that affect mathematics learning. Manuscripts from an inter-disciplinary perspective are also valued.

English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching (ELT) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among teachers and researchers in the field of English Language Teaching. The journal is published monthly in both print and online versions. The scope of ELT includes the following fields: theory and practice in English language teaching and learning, teaching English as a second or foreign language, English language teachers’ training and education. 

e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship of Teaching

The e-Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching is dedicated to promoting the development of teaching and research in business education internationally. The journal is a forum for the expression of ideas, opinions and research informing the scholarship of teaching and is the official journal of the Australian Business Education Research Association.

Australian Journal of Music Education

The Australian Journal of Music Education (AJME) publishes articles that enhance knowledge regarding the teaching and learning of music with a special interest toward the Australian music education community. This may include articles that report results of quantitative or qualitative research studies, summarize bodies of research, present theories, models, or philosophical positions, etc. Articles should include a discussion of implications and applications to music teaching and learning, defined broadly

International Journal of Technologies in Learning, The

The International Journal of Technologies in Learning explores the role of technologies in learning and processes of learning about and through technologies.

International Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Learning, The

The International Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Learning offers studies of best practices in teaching and learning science, mathematics, and technology.

Journal of Classroom Interaction

The Journal of Classroom Interaction (JCI) is a semi-annual publication devoted to empirical investigations and theoretical papers dealing with observation techniques, research on student and teacher behavior, and other topics relevant to the domain of classroom interaction.


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