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Enculturation: A Journal for Rhetoric, Writing and Culture

A refereed journal devoted to contemporary theories of rhetoric, writing, and culture, and invites submissions on rhetoric, composition, media, technology, and education. We acknowledge that the nature of knowledge production is changing and the academic journal needs to preserve what is important about its traditional practices as well as move into a new technological era. We keep the traditional feel and usability of the print journal with issues, tables of contents, and articles while also allowing for faster publication of content by operating on rolling submissions. Submissions will be reviewed as they are submitted and posted as soon as they are accepted for publication and processed through copyediting and production. New publications will be posted in our "Recent Items" section and, once we accumulate enough items, all will be assigned to the next issue. We also accept academic work in all media forms suitable for web-based publication, including conventional articles, videos, and multimedia projects.

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