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Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy

Journal of Education for Teaching (JET) publishes original contributions on the subject of teacher education. The journal interprets ’teacher education’ in the widest sense, to include academic staff involved with, and responsible for, initial teacher education, continued professional development and the broad field of research into higher education’s contribution to education. JET welcomes scholarly discussions of new issues in the field, which would include original and rigorous analysis of the policies and practices involved in preparing individuals to work in education at any level. JET publishes both qualitative and quantitative research, the presentation of empirical research, funded research projects and review articles (if presented as a critical assessment of the material summarized). The emphasis at all times should be on the international dimension of the work presented, and the Editor would be happy to advise any author who might be unsure if their paper was appropriate for the journal.

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