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Journal of Teaching in International Business

The Journal of Teaching in International Business instructs international business educators, curriculum developers, and institutions of higher education worldwide on methods and techniques for better teaching to ensure a global mindset and optimum, cost-effective learning in international business. It is generally assumed that the teaching of international business is universal, but that application of teaching methods, processes, and techniques in varying socioeconomic and cultural environments is unique. The journal offers insights and perspectives to international business educators and practitioners to share concerns, problems, opportunities, and solutions to the teaching and learning of international business subjects. This journal contains original, significant, scholarly, and applied articles that: say something meaningful to international business curriculum developers; use empirical data and analysis to show the effectiveness of various approaches to teaching international business; enrich and make more effective the classroom presentations of teachers of international business; facilitate research endeavors of international business consultants, researchers, business education foundations, and institutions of higher learning.

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