Kennesaw State University

Learning-Centered Teaching

To "promote excellence and innovation in education through teaching, supervising, and mentoring students," (KSU Strategic Plan), CETL's Learning-Centered Teaching Fellows serve to support KSU faculty at both campuses as they work to integrate or improve learning-centered practices in online, blended (hybrid), or traditional classroom environments. Research shows that when learning-centered approaches to teaching and curriculum are used, "they promote a different, deeper, and better kind of learning. It is a kind of learning that lasts, and learning that enables higher education to achieve some of its broadest and highest goals" (Weimer, 2013).

What does Learning-centered teaching look like?

  • problem- or inquiry-based learning;
  • increased student motivation;
  • inclusive classroom climate;
  • critical thinking, active learning, and application of knowledge and skills;
  • individual and group assignments and activities designed to engage students;
  • inclusion of students in teaching, learning, and assessment processes; and academic rigor.

Learning-Centered Teaching Events

There are currently no upcoming Learning-Centered Teaching events. In the meantime take a look at some of the previous Learning-Centered Teaching events.