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Learning-Focused Syllabus Research

Measuring  Learning-Focused Syllabi

Would you like to have a KSU teaching and learning expert provide you with feedback on your syllabus? Does your syllabus truly reflect your learning-focused course? Do your students ask you about class policies or the schedule even though they are included in your course syllabus? Does your syllabus convey a tone that encourages students to approach you for help when appropriate?

If these are some of your concerns, join us for a research study about Measuring Learning-Focused Syllabi (IRB Study #16-047). A CETL consultant can help you identify learning-focused elements in your course syllabus. Together you will reflect on strategies to help learners find the information in your syllabus that they need throughout the semester to be successful. The research-based rubric that will be used for the syllabus review is the Learning-Focused Syllabus Rubric (Palmer, Bach, & Streifer, 2014). 

Through the use of this rubric and in consultation with a CETL representative, your learning-centered syllabus can provide students with access to the course goals and objectives, alignment between their assessments and the course goals, and a clear schedule of events for the semester. In addition, students might find that the syllabus to be motivating, encouraging learning in your course and increasing meaningful communication with you. All of these elements will benefit your students so that they know what to expect of your class and what is expected of them.

The learning-centered syllabus consultation and review conducted by CETL consultants will assist you to redesign your syllabus as a part of a research study. Because of the precise scope of our research questions, the recommendations are not encompassing of all KSU policies and procedures, nor are they mandatory under KSU rules. While this is not intended to be a compliance review, we encourage participants to make improvements to your syllabus creating a learning focused document.

For more information about creating or revising a syllabus to be more learning-focused syllabus, email us at

We are looking forward to working with you.