Kennesaw State University

Congratulations to the following award winners at the 2013 Symposium of Student Scholars!

Poster Winner ($200 gift card):
Title: Toward the Synthesis of Novel Bi- and Tridentate Carbenes and Their Transition Metal Complexes
Program: Chemistry
Student: Zachary McCarty
Faculty Mentor: Daniela Tapu

Poster Runner-Up ($100 gift card):
Title: Prevalence and Perception of Mental Health at KSU
Program: Psychology
Students: Ken Trickey, Courtney Collins, and Darya Sipeykina
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Rogers

Oral Presentation Winner ($200 gift card):
Title: Cave Spring Oral History Project
Program: History
Student: Sharifa Potter
Faculty Mentor: Julia Brock

Oral Presentation Runner-Up ($100 gift card):
Title: A Work of Art
Program: Theater and Performance Studies
Student: Anterior Leverett
Faculty Mentors: Margaret Baldwin, Karen Robinson, and Jamie Bullins