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Part-time Faculty--Welcome to Fall Semester 2015!

Hello Kennesaw State University Part-time Faculty!

Welcome—or welcome back—to Fall semester at KSU. My name is Mandy McGrew and I am the new Faculty Fellow for Part-time Faculty Support at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). As a part-time faculty member myself, I understand the unique challenges that come with the job. Many of you are working full time jobs during the day, teaching in public schools, caring for children or parents, enjoying your retirement, etc.—you may not have the time to find the resources you need to help your students learn. You may be unsure of how to deal with a difficult situation you’ve encountered in the classroom. You may want to incorporate new technologies or teaching strategies into your courses, but be unsure of how to do that. Maybe some of your students are just “not getting it.” I am here to help.

This fall I will begin facilitating a series of workshops created specifically to meet the needs of part-time faculty members. Each of the workshops is being offered three times: once at the Marietta campus, once during the day at the Kennesaw campus, and once in the evening at the Kennesaw campus. It is my hope that by offering workshops at a variety of times, it will be more likely that part-timers can fit faculty development into their busy schedules. As always, though, part-time faculty members are welcome to register for most CETL events, even if they are not specifically for part-time faculty. For a full list of this fall’s workshops and book clubs, click here:

Another service that we offer at CETL is faculty consultations. If you have a specific teaching issue you would like to discuss, you can contact me at anytime to set up a meeting. I can come observe your class, meet with a group of students, or we can talk and look over resources together. What issues are you facing in your classrooms? I can help you create a plan to address them. My door is open—my office is in the CETL house on Campus Loop Rd. on the Kennesaw campus, but you may want to call first since I do teach, travel around campus a bit, and work from Marietta sometimes.

If the CETL workshops don’t fit into your personal schedule and you don’t have time or don’t feel it is necessary to meet with me for a consultation, but you would still like more information on developing yourself as a faculty member, you can access some teaching resources through the CETL Part-time Faculty webpage: I will be posting videos, links, bibliographies, articles, and more throughout the year. If there is something you need, but you don’t see it there, let me know. My contact information is also available on the website.

I think it is vital that we develop a sense of belonging amongst us part-timers as a group. It is my hope that we can cultivate a sense of community among us, so that we know we are not alone in our struggles or our celebrations. There is such a variety of faculty in our ranks and we are spread out across the university, so this is not going to be an easy task. One way that we are already building community is through the Part-Time Faculty Council. Our Part-time Faculty Council, the first of its kind in Georgia, shows that KSU is working to hear the concerns and needs of part-timers. Each department has (or has the opportunity to have) a representative on the council and they meet once a month. I encourage you to find out who your department’s representative to the council is, look for their e-mail updates, communicate any concerns or positive news to them, and even sit in on council meetings to find out what it is all about. As the CETL fellow, I will be in attendance at all of the council meetings—so you can find me there, as well.

CETL has a long history of supporting part-time faculty and it is my vision that KSU be an example of how part-time faculty can best be integrated into and supported by the university—to the benefit of everyone: the part-time faculty, the full time faculty, their students, and the university as a whole.

I am here for you, but I need to know what you need from me. This August – September, I will be conducting a survey of the part-time faculty to better understand your needs and circumstances. Please be on the lookout for this survey in your KSU e-mail inbox and complete it. This will help me plan for the spring and beyond.

And speaking of the spring, you may want to add these dates to your calendar:

April 4 – 5, 2016    Part-time Teaching Academy 

You must apply and be accepted to attend this two-day event. There is a stipend for attending. Application information will be sent out late this year.

June 18, 2016    SPACE: Symposium for Part-time, Adjunct, and Contingent Educators 

This event will be a peer-reviewed, day-long, professional conference that provides a “space” for part-time, adjunct, and contingent faculty to present research in their fields or on teaching. A Call for Papers will go out late this year. 

Thanks and I look forward to working with you all,

Mandy McGrew

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