Kennesaw State University

2017 CETL Annual Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation

New KSU graduate students interested in teaching were welcomed by Michele DiPietro (CETL), Michael Dishman (The Graduate College), and David Evans (The KSU Library) to CETL’s 2017 Fall Graduate Teaching Orientation. This annual, full-day orientation introduces graduate students to fundamental principles of teaching and learning. This event is also an opportunity for graduate students to meet one another and to realize the many ways KSU supports them as teachers. Graduate students met a number of faculty that prompted one graduate student to write that the “tremendous support” they experienced during the orientation “makes me confident in my choice of KSU for graduate studies.”

Sessions including “Understanding Students,” “Active Learning Strategies,” and “Grading and Course Management Resources” were co-presented by Mandy McGrew, Josie Baudier, Hillary Steiner, and Tom Pusateri, along with Linda Stewart.

In addition, students met our Graduate Librarians, Cheryl Stiles, Olga Koz, Barbara Wood, and Crystal Renfro; the Digital Commons Managing Editor, Aajay Murphy; a Writing Center graduate student assistant, Kelsey Medlin; and the President of the Graduate Student Association, Sanjoosh Akkinen. The new graduate students appreciated the warm welcome from our KSU community as they begin their programs and consider graduate teaching opportunities.