Kennesaw State University

2018-19 Faculty Learning Communities

Participants in the 2018-19 CETL Faculty Learning Communities came together to learn about a particular topic of interest and to create a product to share with the campus community. Read more about these commendable projects below:

Engaging in Undergraduate Research: A Cross‐Disciplinary Effort to Improve Faculty and Student Experiences. Leader: Evelina Sterling; Participants: Jennifer Willard, Rongkai Guo, Yuri Feito, Tsai-Tien Tseng, Angela Farr Shilling, Sarah Holmes, and Amy Buddie (ex-officio)

File Undergrad Research FLC White Paper.docx

Teaching Sustainability Across Colleges: Designing and Innovative Certificate for All Students Leader: Beth Giddens; Participants: Ed Akins, David Glassmeyer, Amy Gruss, Maria Kalamas Hedden, Vanessa Slinger-Friedman, and Matt Weand

Sustainability Education and Organizational Change Journal Article

Teaching from a Third Space: Experiences of International Faculty. Leader: Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper; Participants: Darlene Rodriguez, Sabine Smith, Luc Guglielmi, Uttam Kokil, Zaya Rustamova, and Pinder Naidu

Negotiating Cultural Identities in the Classroom White Paper

Social Justice in the Language Classroom. Leader: Karen Graf; Participants: Robert Simon, Federica Santini, Jaime Cruz-Ortiz, Neysa Figueroa, Allison Webb, Renata Creekmur, and Alan Watts

Social Justice in the Language Classroom Website