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Notes from Weimer Book Club Discussion 3-11-2015

CETL’s Learner-Centered Teaching Supports
•Consultations specifically tailored to address faculty’s interest in or questions about teaching
•Focused classroom observations to gather and share feedback confidentially with a faculty member specific to his or her needs and interests
•Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) – a way of gathering mid-semester, formative feedback from students about their perceptions of the strengths of the course as well as areas for improvement.
•Focus groups for faculty member wanting to gather data from a set of students outside of a classroom setting
•Other learning-centered teaching support services can be developed and  tailored to meet your individual, program, or department needs.
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Weimer Book Club Discussion 3-11-2015.pdf

PDF icon Weimer Book Club Discussion 3-11-2015.pdf
Notes from the Weimer Book Club Discussion on 3-11-2015 about Learner-Centered Teaching. See pages 13 and 14 for CETL resources to support faculty in Learner-Centered Teaching.
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