Kennesaw State University

Part-time Faculty Community

Being a part-time faculty member often means feeling "out of the loop." Some part-timers only teach in the evenings when few other professors are on campus. Others may be rushing from their classes to another job or a family obligation. So how can we build a community of part-time faculty when we are not all in the same place at the same time? How can we discuss our teaching struggles, triumphs, and epiphanies when we aren't passing one another in the halls or in the workrooms? Technology could be the answer we are looking for . . .

Here are some ways that you can connect with other part-time faculty members and the KSU community:

Part-time Faculty Council

The Part-time Faculty Council (PTFC) is the only officially recognized representative council of part-timers at a university in the state of Georgia. The council is a standing committee that advises the Faculty Senate and the Provost. Departments with 10 or more part-time faculty must give their part-timers an opportunity to elect a representative to the council and the president represents the council in the Faculty Senate. Representatives are tasked with attending monthly meetings of the council, sharing the concerns of their constituents, and then reporting back to the part-timers in their departments. The PTFC produces a monthly newsletter highlighting part-time instructors and issues relevant to them. It also hosts events like Faculty Awareness Day (FAD) and a spring retreat. Contact your department representative to learn more:

CETL's Part-time Faculty Webpage

The KSU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is dedicated to supporting all faculty in their teaching and learning needs. The Faculty Fellow for Part-time Faculty Support at CETL is at CETL specifically to meet the needs of part-timers. Faculty development workshops and one-on-one consultations are provided, as well as online resources, including regular blogs and research-based articles, that faculty can access on their own schedule. The fellow also sends monthly e-mails addressing topics of specific interest to part-time faculty members, so be on the lookout for those.

You can access the workshop schedule here:

Contact the current fellow, Mandy McGrew for more information about consultations.

Other upcoming events include the Part-time teaching Academy, April 4-5, 2016 and the first Symposium for Part-time, Adjunct, and Contingent Faculty (SPACE) on June 18, 2016. 

Daily KSU Inform E-mail Messages

Be sure to check your official Kennesaw State e-mail address regularly! Lots of information is sent out through KSU Informs—a daily e-mail sent out to all faculty detailing opportunities and events that are happening around campus. Keeping up with the daily KSU Inform will ensure that you remain in the loop with what is going on throughout the KSU community.

Kennesaw State Part-time Faculty Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook and use it as a way to connect with your colleagues, consider joining the Kennesaw State part-time Faculty group. Group members share personal and professional news on this page and events and opportunities are advertised. Other media relevant to adjuncts, part-timers, and other contingent faculty are also welcome to be shared in this semi-public forum (approval by group administrator [currently the CETL Faculty Fellow for Part-time Faculty Support] is needed to join).

Slack Online Community for Part-Time Faculty

Slack is a free messaging application teams can use to communicate and organize information.  Slack can take the place of those hallway meetings and workspace conversations for part-timers who rarely see other professors around campus. Kennesaw State University has its own Slack team and there is a special channel for part-time faculty. Enter your e-mail address on the Slack website and you will be allowed to join the KSU team. Once you have joined, look for the #part-timefaculty channel. It is a place part-timers can gather to share the trials and triumphs of part-time life. You can post resources, interesting articles, or simply have discussions about what it is like teaching part-time at Kennesaw State. In order to join, you must have an e-mail address.