Kennesaw State University

Blended Course Design

The blended course design resources can assist you when designing and facilitating your hybrid/blended courses.

Decision Making Framework

PDF icon Decision Making Framework
Questions to guide you in your decision to move your course from a F2F environment to Hybrid

Curriculum Alignment Matrix

PDF icon Curriculum Alignment Matrix
This tool allows you to storyboard your course by inputting course and module level objective, f2f activities and assessments and online activities and assessments. The Matrix helps you make decisions about the activities importance and/or engagement. therefore, guiding where the activity should be delivered (F2F or online).

Hybrid Module Organizer

PDF icon Hybrid Module Organizer
The organizer helps you plan an entire week/module of your hybrid course. From introduction, objectives, and required content to the summary and checklist, this organizer gives you the opportunity to map our your entire week/module.

Curriculum Alignment Graphic.pdf

PDF icon Curriculum Alignment Graphic.pdf
Use this graphic the same way you would use the Curriculum Alignment Matrix. I can help you align your objectives, assessments, activities, and technology in your course (in any modality).
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