Kennesaw State University

Student Travel Reimbursements

Important Department Note: Many times students are traveling with
department funds as well and are familiar with their department staff. To help reduce
the number of signatures required and to expedite the process, each reimbursement form
uses their own department speedchart number to pay for the trip. CETL then transfers
the funds to the department after the final Travel Expense Form has been emailed to

Travel Instructions

In order to receive reimbursement for student travel, the following workflow must be
adhered to.

It is the responsibility of the student to work with their respective department to
complete the required paperwork and to submit it to the travel department.

Individual Responsible Task
student Fill out the Authorization Form
student Submit Authorization Form to Travel
Fax Authorization form to the number provided at the top of the form.
Note: save all receipts
student Fill out the Travel Expense Form with copies of all
required receipts

student Drop off "completed" paperwork to the department

Dept. Assistants will not complete the necessary paperwork. For questions
regarding the paperwork please contact the travel department. See below for
contact info.
department assistant Add department speedchart numbers to form and obtain all
required signatures

Must have signatures from the student, dept chair or director.
department assistant Send Travel Expense Form to Accounts Payable
Send final signed copy to Accounts Payable for payment
department assistant Send copy of Travel Expense Form and department
speedchart number to CETL
Email a signed copy to kclarks2(at)
CETL Completes transfer of funds to department

To check on the status of your reimbursement or for assistance with your paperwork
please contact the Travel Department at:

Office of Finance and Accounting Kennesaw State University 3391
Town Point Drive Suite 3700, MD 9110 Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: 470.578.6214 Fax: 470.578.9187