Kennesaw State University


CETL Supports KSU Undergraduate and Graduate student in a wide variety of ways.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Training
This seven-week non-credit module is geared primarily toward equipping Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) who are working in the classroom with basic pedagogical skills. Topics covered include learning theory, active learning strategies, handling problematic student behavior and promoting academic integrity, assessing student learning, responding to student diversity, cross-cultural issues in teaching, course and syllabus design, and a microteaching session (in which GTAs give a mini lesson and receive feedback from CETL staff). Graduate students who are not currently working in the classroom should contact CETL if they are interested in this module. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the module.

Undergraduate Research

The Symposium of Student Scholars is an event to showcase student scholarship conducted at KSU during the past year. In past years, we have had a wonderful diversity in the projects presented.
At KSU, we consider undergraduate research to be any scholarly endeavor, undertaken with a faculty member, involving scholarship as defined by each discipline.

Scholarship can involve a variety of different tasks: in-depth reading on a topic, designing a study, collecting data, analyzing data, the creation of a artistic product, a theater performance, an analysis of literature, and many, many other possibilities. You should consult faculty members in your department to learn more about what constitutes scholarship in your field.