Kennesaw State University

Syllabus Review

CETL is now offering Course Syllabi Review Services!

You may be interested in participating in this service because it will help you:
- identify specific strategies to integrate learning-focused elements
- re-examining learning objectives and goals
- check for alignment with assessments and activities
- articulate a clear and sequenced course schedule
- create a positive learning environment with promise, tone, and inclusivity

We will use the Learning-Focused Syllabus Rubric (Palmer, M., Bach, B. and Streifer, A., 2014) for this review. Although simply creating learning-focused syllabi does not make a direct impact on the actual teaching, it is indicative of a more learning-focused classroom than not one. (Palmer, Bach, and Streifer, 2014). In addition, there are some aspects to our KSU syllabi that will need to remain regardless.

To request a Syllabus Review, email CETL (