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Pedagogy and More: KSU Resources for Educators

Faculty at Kennesaw State University have access to many departments and resources that exist to support you in your work. There are so many, in fact, that it is often difficult to identify who you should go to when you need assistance. The following list will help you locate the teaching and learning supports that are relevant to your needs.


In this section, you will find information on Kennesaw State’s history, student demographics, university policies and procedures, etc.  

Teacher Resource Activity Corner Manager Kellie Hebblethwaite

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Department Associate Director Josh Gunn

Center for Statistics and Analytical Services Director Jennifer Priestly.

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AAUP KSU Chapter President Andy Pieper.

Department of Career Planning and Development Executive Director Ana Baida.

Behavioral Response Team Associate Vice President Michael Sanseviro.

Counseling and Psychological Services Director Josh Gunn.

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Office of Research Executive Director Carolyn Elliott-Farino.

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Distance Learning Librarian Ashley Hoffman.


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