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Teaching Enhancement Services

We offer consultations around a variety of teaching and learning issues.

What CETL can do for you CETL Staff is available for the following:

  • Discussion of any teaching concerns you might have.
  • Classroom observations. We are available to sit in your course (or review your online course), observe and collect data on individual behaviors (yours and your students), offer our observations back to you as feedback, brainstorm possible solutions to any issues uncovered, and document the whole process in a written memo.
  • Student evaluation consultation. We can help you construct useful mid-semester evaluations to target the issues that interest you, interpret the data collected (both midterm and official end-of-semester), and brainstorm possible responses to enhance your course.
  • Focus groups with students and Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID). Sometimes it helps to speak directly with the students to ask follow-up questions and clarify issues. CETL staff can act as neutral third parties who can collect anonymous feedback and report it back to you.

See Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness for an outline of how you might use CETL consultation services at different times in a semester.

What CETL will NOT do CETL will not:

  • Be the teaching police. We are not looking for bad teachers to fix. We believe everybody is on a progressive improvement trajectory, and work with educators at all levels, from graduate teaching assistants to award-winning teachers.
  • Evaluate your teaching. We adopt a research perspective to the consultation. We collect data and mirror it back to you, with the purpose of problem-solving.
  • Will not come into your classroom uninvited. Consultations are voluntary, as requested by you (not your coordinator or your chair).
  • Will not offered canned tips. We understand context is everything. We aim to educate faculty about generative, research-based learning principles, and then work with them to translate those principles into pedagogical strategies tailored to specific situations.
  • Will not be the all-knowing experts. We know pedagogy, but you know your disciplinary content, and you know your particular students. Consultations are collaborative.
  • We will not tell on you. Our consultations are 100% confidential. We do not disclose any information from our consultations, including the people and courses we work with, the information shared in that process, the data collected in the course of the consultation, the memo we produce, or any other element of the consultation.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation.


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