Kennesaw State University

Lynn Boettler

Kennesaw State University
Faculty Fellow for Community Engagement
Community-engaged teaching enriches the learning experience for all.
Lynn Boettler has over 25 years experience in higher education and a diverse background of professional work that blends teaching, faculty, staff, and student development, curriculum design, and program advancement. Currently in her eighth year of teaching in the Department of First-Year Programs, Professor Boettler designed and teaches the First-Year Seminar entitled “Be the Change,” one of three options students have for completing their institutional requirement at KSU. In the course, students investigate a problem, find supporting evidence of the problem’s scope on global, national, regional, and local levels, and offer solutions that culminate in a final community project where academic and life skills relevant to multiple disciplines and careers are applied. Through these community-based learning projects that are the hallmark of Professor Boettler’s classes, in the past seven years, her first-year students have generated over 100 projects, connecting with 60 different community organizations, and raised over $9,100 for various causes. In addition, Professor Boettler has facilitated numerous faculty development workshops ranging on topics from motivational teaching, learning communities, diversity, assessment techniques, and philosophies of teaching. She co-authored the monograph, Serving the Common Good: Ethical Leadership through Building Relationships - A Developmental Model, and her work also appears in Getting Culture: Best Practices for Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum. Her educational background is interdisciplinary and includes an MA in Counseling from Truman State University and extensive graduate work in both Education and English from the University of Tennessee and Georgia State University, respectively. Having led and participated in a number of scholarly endeavors involving partnerships with faculty colleagues across campus and at other institutions, she hopes to continue to foster these types of relationships in build

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