Kennesaw State University

Linda Stewart

Kennesaw State University
CETL Assistant Director of Graduate Student Support
“Teaching is a performative act . . . that offers the space for change, invention, spontaneous shifts, that can serve as a catalyst drawing out the unique elements in each classroom” - bell hooks
Linda S. Stewart is the CETL Assistant Director for Graduate Student Support and an Associate Professor in the Department of English. In accordance with CETL's mission to emphasize graduate student programming, the Assistant Director facilitates the professional development of graduate students as educators and future faculty who are preparing themselves for the academic job market. To that end, Linda is available for classroom observations and consultations, and she also conducts workshops and webinars to support graduate students. She teaches the one-credit, online GRAD 9001 College and University Teaching course, an 11-week course offered every semester. Along with the CETL team, she facilitates teaching-related orientations and events for graduate students who are currently teaching or who are interested in teaching in the future.

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